Alloy Wheels in Crewe

Alloy Wheels in Crewe

If you are looking for Alloy Wheels in Crewe and the surrounding areas,R-Tec Auto Design delivers direct to your door in Crewe using fast and efficent 24hr couriers.

R-Tec Auto Design is the largest retailer and e-tailer of Alloy Wheels and supplies for Crewe and the rest of the UK. Please feel free to browse our alloy wheel website to find the correct wheels for your vehicle. We stock over 2000 wheels and can send wheel and tyre sets via courier to Crewe normally within 24-48 hours.

Our superstore and our fitting workshop is based in St Albans Hertfordshire but we also have a warehouses located up and down the country which stock Alloy Wheels within 50 miles of Crewe, and although we don't currently allow collections from our warehouses we can often ship Alloy Wheels direct from our wearhouse / supplier to addresses in Crewe, saving you time and money in the long run...

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Alloy Wheel Collection including grey and black wheels in Crewe

Why buy from R-Tec?

• Nothing compares to seeing / touching your purchase in real life. Most companies on the internet pretend to have car parts in stock, but really they wait for your order, then order the part from the supplier. More often than not, you end up having to pay for multiple carriages and waiting a long time. Our superstore in St Albans offers you the chance to compare a product to numerous other great products in our store and you will have the opportunity to take your product home the same day! No waiting in for days and days for your purchase to be delivered and chancing things to delivery.

Wheel and Tyre Superstore Near Crewe

• We are committed to giving the best price and service. In the unlikely event you've seen the price cheaper at an online retailer or a store near Crewe, then we offer an unrivalled price match system. Surely you would prefer to buy from a reputable store instead of a online bedroom seller?

Wheel and Tyre Warehouse Showroom Crewe

• What happens if something goes wrong? We pride ourselves on being there for you. We are not just at the end of an email address that might go unanswered! We have our superstore based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We are always on the phone and you can come to our store also. R-Tec are open from 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. If you would like directions to our store from Crewe then click here to view a map.

• We always aim to offer the best customer serviceMany companies promise this, but few see it through. We try and install the importance of first rate customer service as a priority from day one when a new staff member joins the business, with the promise that if we do something wrong we'll do our very best to rectify it.

• We are the No1 authorised retailer for some of the best brands in the car sector. Our St Albans superstore is full to the ceilings and our buyers barely stop in order to secure you the sharpest deals and the biggest choice of all the top names. Don't settle for a cheaply made unbranded product from a shady store, when you can buy a real top brand product from us at literally the same price (or less in many cases!).

• We have been here for a while unlike other companies which start up offering deals and then close down within a year, we are proud to have had our superstore in St Albans for over 10 years, far outstaying most of our competitors. We also have over 30 years of experience in the modifying industry, due to most of us working for other companies previously.

• We offer the best guarantees in the car customising business. Most web sellers are offering products supplied indirectly from the suppliers meaning they are not covered and trusted under the manufactures terms and conditions. We are Authorised sellers for all the products we retail and are recognised by our suppliers. Our products are all backed by the manufactures warranties and if they don’t warranty the product for any reason and we believe it should be warranted, we will try to resolve it.

Full fitting service at our St Albans store

Most people have a mate who's handy with a spanner, but a lot of the products if fitted incorrectly can be dangerous and affect your vehicles handling. Our superstore in St Albans, Hertfordshire offers a full installation service for the majority of products we offer, all fully installed by our trained technicians. Our fitting is fully backed by our workshop guarantee. If a product fails that we supplied and fitted within the first year, we will remove and re-install free of charge.

So Remember if you want to buy the correct Alloy wheels in Crewe call R-Tec Auto Design and we will sell you the wheels you want at the right price and deliver them to your door.

Buy cheap Alloy Wheels in Crewe

A set of alloy wheels will improve the appearance of your vehicle when you are driving around and in so doing will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd in Crewe or anywhere else for that matter!

In general alloy wheels will reduce the unstrung weight of a vehicle compared to one fitted with standard steel wheels. The benefit of reduced unstrung weight is that steering can be more direct. Fuel consumption will also be improved.

Alloys are excellent conductors of heat and fitting a new set of alloy wheels will improve heat dissipation from the brakes, reducing the risk of brake failure under demanding driving conditions. In general alloy wheels also allow more cool air into brakes, reducing brake-fade during periods of heavy breaking such as when using your vehicle on racing tracks near Crewe.

When selling alloy wheels applying the 'inch up principle', there is an improvement in the steering response and road holding, especially when cornering.

At R-Tec Auto Design we offer a custom alloy wheel paint service near Crewe, whereby we can colour or paint a set of wheels to meet your exact requirements before they are delivered. So if you would like some Pink OZ Superturismo wheels for example, we can deliver them to Crewe like this. We only offer this service on new alloy wheels. Please call us to confirm.