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Superchips Bluefin

Superchips Bluefin

R-Tec have been approved suppliers of Bluefin modules since 2003 when they were first released on the market. The Bluefin tuning device is a hand held module that comes loaded with a car specific re-mapping file. This allows you to re-map your own car and unleash its true performance, giving you more power, torque and improved throttle response.

Should your car need to go into the garage for warranty work or a service the mapping file can be removed and standard settings uploaded. The bluefin unit will also work as a basic diagnostic tool to check engine and fault codes should you need to. On turbo diesel vehicles you will see an improvement in fuel economy helping you to save money and beat the high prices at the pump. Typical power increases are 10% for naturally aspirated petrol engines, 20% for turbo petrol engines and up to 30% for turbo diesel engines making Bluefin the best £ per BHP performance mod. 

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Superchips, Bluefin - Superchips Bluefin
Best Priced Superchips Bluefin in Cumbria and also more locally, Superchips Bluefin near Hatfield, St Albans