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Spigot Rings (Centre Rings)

Spigot Rings


What is a spigot / centric ring / centering rings

They are a round plastic or metal ring that is fitted to the centre part of an alloy wheel to decrease a bore size, predominantly used when fitting aftermarket alloy wheels.

Spigots rings aid the process of putting your wheel on centrally every time you take it on and off, so that the wheel is always centred on the hub.

Do I need a spigot rings for my car?

If your wheel does not sit perfectly in line with your hub and balance perfectly with no wobbling, then you may need to check that you have a spigot ring there. Many people who experience vibration from their wheels at over 60mph will most likely need a spigot ring, as this ensures that the wheel fits perfectly central on the hub. If this is you, then yes, you should try checking your wheel alignment and maybe then consider spigot rings.

How do i go about getting some spigot rings. 

Due to these rings needing to be as accurate up to 0.2 of a millimetre, we recommend you bring in a wheel for us to supply the correct measurement ring. Unfortunately most wheel manufactures have changed the size of their wheel centre bore’s over the years, so it is best if we check your wheels to we can give you the right ring. Don’t worry we know what the centre bore of your car is, so will just need a wheel…


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